About Joyce

Thanks for joining me here at Inking Compelling Stories. You’ll find posts about the picture books I admire, use as mentor texts, and value in a variety of ways.

I hold two Masters of Art degrees; one Special Education and another in Educational Leadership. My career in education includes working with students and educators, teaching 2nd, 3rd, and 5th grade students, and serving as a school principal. My service to the Wisconsin State Reading Association include WSRA Update Editor, Young Authors Festival chair, WSRA President, WSRA 2012 Conference Chair, and WSRA Web Editor, and most recently as the WSRA Administrative Assistant. I currently serve as the WSRA Historian.


Joyce Uglow

sensitive, hard-working, successful

Wife of the Legendary Larry and sister of fabulous siblings Carol, Ed, Gail, and Glenn!

Daughter of the Best Parents in the World: Theodore and Marie.

Mother of three incredible men: Casey, Jeremy, and Alex!

Mother-in-law of three amazing women: Lisa, Jamie, and Marni!

Grandma of four intelligent grandkids: Taylor, Cullen, Lincoln, and Oliver!

Who loves family above all, books, creativity, flowers, and a little wine sometimes, too.

Who gives of herself as best she can and seeks to understand.

Who in spite of her human faults wants to feel valued and loved.

Who would like to put important books into the hands and hearts of children.

Who fears heights.

Resident of Burlington in southeast Wisconsin, USA.

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