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Book cover for Out and About: A Tale of Giving

Out and About: A Tale of Giving by Liza M. Wiemer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OUT AND ABOUT: A TALE OF GIVING words by award-winning author Liza Wiemer with art by Margeaux Lucas releases August 17, 2023. The text and art paint the all-important picture of thinking about others in this me-first world of ours.

When Daniel attempts to find out where his parents are going, what they’re doing, and what’s inside their mysterious boxes, Daniel imagines: Could it be new baseball and glove? A birthday cake? In his journey to find answers to his questions, he defines “out and about” for himself. Along the way, he discovers the true meaning of giving. This beautiful story shows the importance of kindness, caring for others, and giving to others before self. In this time of needing something in return, Daniel’s family acts in anonymous shadows – not needing even a thank you.

I was hooked right from the first page. Parents, teachers, and children will keep this one on the “Read It AGAIN” pile.

How the Sea Came to Be: by Jennifer Berne

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

HOW THE SEA CAME TO BE: AND ALL THE CREATURES IN IT, masterfully written by Jennifer Berne and beautifully illustrated by Amanda Hall, is a lyrical read-aloud that parents and teachers do not want to miss. This 56-page picture book published by W. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, is a perfect introduction to geology, oceanography, and marine biology for ages 6 to 10. Berne’s ballad-style informational nonfiction tells the amazing story of the ocean’s evolution and its biodiversity today. It absolutely sings.

Happy 2023! This year is set up to be special because we now have a Stef Wade picture book for kids who find it hard to wait. Coincidentally, the book birthday of EVERY DAY’S A HOLIDAY: WINNIE’S BIRTHDAY COUNTDOWN, lands on January 3, 2023, which is also Women Rock Day. Each spread in this book reminds me of how much picture books rock – and especially those written by Stef Wade. This beautiful fast-paced story illustrated by Husna Aghniya, invites young readers to focus on fascinating foods, people, places, and ideas from popcorn to puppies. Five-year old Winnie faces the daunting 362-day wait until her next birthday. You will wear a knowing smile if you’ve ever heard, “How many days ‘til my birthday?” Get ready to celebrate a wide variety special days when your child or students want to put on their party hats every day! The engaging text and illustrations invite readers to shift their thoughts from self to others as they face a potentially long wait for their own special day.

EVERY DAY’S A HOLIDAY is set to be a contemporary classic that will appeal to children and adults alike. Back matter presents a list of festivities that are enjoyed all over the world, no matter the day.

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  1. A super book, and a delightfully original one!

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