Inspirational, Compelling, and Heartfelt

Climb On book cover

Climb On! Celebrate this compelling picture book by the award-winning duo of Baptiste Paul and Jacqueline Alcantra, published by North South Books. What isn’t there to love about encouraging, persistence, and outdoors adventure?

In CLIMB ON! a young girl reminds her father of their plans to go on a hike. Packing snacks, courage, enthusiasm, and the girl’s excitement, they embark on a spectacular climb. In spite of the island’s heat and obstacles, the girl eagerly takes on challenges and they climb past pesky insects, delightful animals, and lush greenery. It is fun to see the role reversal of the young girl’s energetic, engaging encouragement that moves her father. The spot-on to language conveys how the girl’s inner child speaks and thinks, making this young relatable character and her adventures encouraging and entertaining.

During their climb, they speak in both Saint Lucian Creole and English, reminding readers of the setting. Learning about and exploring new places is just one of the things I loved about Climb On!

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